It was great seeing so many of you yesterday.  I look forward to talking with you today and earning your support.  I had a great time visiting you with my husband Mike, my co-chair Terry Bowman, John James, and so many supporters.   I am excited about 2020 and know together we can win for President Trump and Republicans up and down the ballot.

I want to correct something about my pro-life record.  I have been endorsed by Right to Life of Michigan PAC every time I ran for elected office: County commissioner, state representative, and state senate.

Below is a photo and a link to the Right to Life of MI PAC endorsement guide and a Right to Life of MI PAC mail piece that showcased their endorsement in 2018.

My record being pro-life is clear.  I have led the fight to defund planned parenthood in the state budget, and I introduced the bill to ban dismemberment.  

With the radicals on the left pushing bills that go as far as late-term abortion and infanticide, it is time for everyone who stands for life to stand up and be counted.  I have always stood for life and always will.  And I have the record to back it up. 

Everyone running today is a Republican who wants the best for their party.  I have the conservative record, the credentials, and the experience to lead the Michigan Republican Party and win in 2020.  That’s why I have the endorsement of Trump 2020 Campaign Manager Brad Parscale, John James, Rep. Bergman, Rep. Huizenga, Rep. Mitchell, Rep. Moolenaar, Rep. Walberg, 10 district chairs, 4 Trump Co-Chairs, 50 County chairs, and hundreds of grassroots activists. 

Together we can win Michigan for Republicans in 2020!