Protecting the unborn has always been incredibly important to me.   As a grassroots activist and elected official, I have always supported pro-life policies.  As a state representative, I was proud to introduce legislation that banned dismemberment abortion in Michigan and ensured Planned Parenthood was defunded in the state budget. I was proud to be endorsed by Right to Life of Michigan every election and I would consistently fill out pro-life questionnaires because I am unapologetically pro-life.

As Vice-President Pence aptly put it in this recent article “Life is under Attack”.  Recent proposed legislation of abortion on demand in New York and Virginia is abhorrent and we cannot let this happen in Michigan.   As Michigan Republican Party Chair, I will fight tirelessly to ensure we continue to fight for the unborn and the sanctity of life.   I would hope you will help me advocate for pro-life policies.  To find out more about my campaign for Michigan Republican Party Chair, please go to