From Traverse City to Frankenmuth, my co-chair candidate Terry Bowman and I continue to work hard to earn your support.  With your help, we are continuing to begin the initial steps to win for Republicans in upcoming elections. 

We have had great conversations with the grassroots, as well as candidates who are preparing to run, including the Trump 2020 campaign. This President’s Day, we are continuing to lay the groundwork to win for Republicans in November 2020.  We hope you will join our efforts to get Republicans elected and look forward to seeing you this Friday and Saturday in Lansing!

My Plan for Republicans to Win 
November 2020 is closer than you think and we need to start working now! Together, we are building a plan to win and I want you to be a part of it.  Our plan to win in November 2020 starts with these important points:

Re-Elect President Trump, Defeat Gary Peters, Maintain and Expand our State House Majority, Win Back and Defend Republican Congressional Seats, Increase Republicans at the Local Level, and Defend and Fight for Conservative Principles:  
We need to be clear about our goals and create a plan to execute.  November 2020 is not that far away, and Republicans need to be unified and clear-eyed in our approach to this upcoming election.

Bolster Local Parties and Groups: 
Republicans are the party of local control, however our approach to politics cannot be top down.  We need to explore ways to empower county parties, local groups and candidates so they can respond to unique challenges. 

I have been traveling the state attending different county conventions, committee meetings, individual meetings, and taking input from Republicans from all different regions of the state. I believe that in order to have a successful, unified message for the Party going forward, voices from all corners of the party must be heard.  We need to ensure we have strong local parties that have the resources to take on the Democrats.

Help Local Candidates and Local Groups Fundraise: 
Candidates and local groups need money to get the job done.  The Michigan Republican Party needs to help candidates and local so they have the resources to run effective campaigns. 

We need resources and training at the local level.  The best races are the ones where the candidates run strong campaigns. There needs to be more training and resources for local groups and candidates to use the approach that best works in their area rather than a one-size fits all.

Better Communications All Across the State: 
Republicans across Michigan need to communicate. We need to continue sharing best practices, so we can share what works across the state.  It sounds simple, it’s hard work to go out and listen across Michigan. As a former County Chair and District Chair, I understand the need to keep an open line of communication between Lansing and local parties. We are doing the hard work and appreciate all who have been helping devise a plan to win for Republicans.

Define Republican and Democrat Candidates Better: 
In too many places, it seemed Democrats got a free ride and Republicans did not do enough to explain why they were the best candidate.   There was not enough messaging to define these Democrats and explain why they were the worse choice.  We need to promote Republican candidates better and let voters know the dangerous ideas that Democrat candidates have. We will do a better job researching the candidates and conveying messages to voters.

Stronger Coalitions for a More Unified Effort:
We need to do more to work with organized groups to better communicate and organize the Republican message.  The Republican message can win the day with any person, ethnicity, or group if delivered properly.  We need to challenge every corner of the state, every group of voters, every ethnicity, and every single voter to make sure we don’t leave one voter off our plan to win in 2020.

Increase Low-donor/digital/social media programs:
In Michigan and across the nation, Republicans need to increase their presence with low dollar donors, digital programs and social media.  We need to do more to enhance and revamp these areas. 

Communicate our Core Conservative Principles:
We can’t be afraid to discuss our core conservative principles.  It’s what makes our candidates a better choice in elections. 

Address Issues that Proposal 2 and 3 Will Cause in Upcoming Elections and Advocate for Republicans in this Process:
The implementation of Proposal 2 and 3 will change how elections are run in Michigan.  Proposal 3 will change the tactics and strategy for November 2020 and Proposal 2 will change how things work in November 2022.   We need to strongly advocate for the implementation that makes elections fair and secure. This will require advocacy and the Michigan Republican Party should play a strong role in this.  We also need to ensure we have secure elections and combat voter fraud. 

Together, we can win for Republicans up and down the ticket.  I hope we can earn your support and work with you to win for Republicans across Michigan.

You are Invited to the Cox-Bowman Convention Party 

Please join me and my co-chair candidate Terry Bowman for a reception on Friday, February 22, 2019 from 8pm-12am at the Nuthouse across the street from the Lansing Center.  This is a chance for delegates, alternates, and their guests to discuss the future of our party and to thank you for all of you the hard work that you do.  Please rsvp to  We hope to see you there!

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