Thank you for stepping up to be a part of this upcoming Republican convention to elect the next officers for the Michigan Republican Party. It’s important that we have a someone who has demonstrated their conservative values as Michigan Republican Party Chair.   I haven’t just talked the talk, I have walked the walk. 

After serving as a precinct delegate, the Wayne 11 GOP County Chair, and the 11th District GOP Chair, I spent 10 years on the Wayne County Commission, with many of them being the only Republican left to fight 14 Democrats.  I was also the current House Appropriations Chair, after serving 4 years in the State House.  I have been a conservative Republican my whole life. 

Defending the Border
As an ICE agent for 13 years, I know what it’s like to defend a border.  I have seen firsthand the dangers that can happen without tough border security.   I support tough immigration enforcement and can talk about it because of my time as an agent with ICE. 

Pro-Life and Defunding Planned Parenthood
I have been pro-life my entire life and endorsed by Right to Life of Michigan PAC in every political campaign I have been in.  As House Appropriations Chair, I led the fight to ensure that the State of Michigan defunded Planned Parenthood—battling both Democrats and some Republicans.  I also introduced legislation barring dismemberment abortions in Michigan.  As the Democrats in New York and Virginia try to promote bills that allow late-term abortions and infanticide, it’s essential that we stand with President Trump to not allow these abhorrent practices. The sanctity of life is important to me and I am 100% pro-life with a record to prove it.
Pro-Second Amendment
I have always been pro-2nd amendment. As an ICE agent, I was trained to use multiple firearms and have always believed in the right to bear arms.  In past elections, I have been endorsed by the NRA Political Victory Fund with an “A” rating and have 100% MCRGO rating. I stand for the 2nd amendment and will always fight for the right to bear arms.

Promoting Transparency
Transparency is important to me and that’s why I have always pushed for transparency in the Wayne County government and the State of Michigan government.  I was the first Wayne County Commissioner to put my budget online to make it easily accessible for taxpayers.  As a state Representative, I supported legislation that made state government accountable by supporting opening public access to records for the Legislature and the Governor.
Cutting Taxes 
I have opposed tax increases and supported limited government.   I have been supported by Americans for Prosperity in prior elections because of my commitment to cutting spending, limited government and lower taxes. 

Endorsements Keep Growing
My conservative record is one reason that I have the endorsement of Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale, former US Senate candidate John James, 5 Congressmen, RNC Committeewoman Kathy Berden, 4 Trump 2016 Statewide Co-Chairs, 10 District Chairs and 50 County Chairs, 30 State Representatives, and 16 State Senators.  I look forward to continuing to earn your support and discuss the important issues, so Republicans can be successful in 2020.

Thank you again for all you do, and I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail.  I hope my co-chair Terry Bowman and I can earn your support.  Please check out my website at