Livonia--Michigan Republican Party Chair candidate Laura Cox made the following statement regarding Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson's attempt to rig new districts in favor of Democrats as proposed in her motion in League of Women Voters v. Benson:

“Jocelyn Benson hasn't even been on the job for three weeks, but is already trying to rig the system in favor of Democrats. Jocelyn Benson is even trying to pay back campaign donor Mark Brewer by settling a lawsuit in his favor to throw out election lines which were legally adopted by the legislature and signed into law by the previous Governor and whose creation was guided by state and federal laws.  In creating this corrupt bargain with her campaign donor, Jocelyn Benson intentionally did not involve attorneys for the legislature and Republican Congressional delegation because she knew they would object.  Benson also fired attorneys who worked on this case for years to replace them with partisan attorneys that she knew would go along with her partisan plans.  Benson should let the courts decide instead of rigging the process to pay back her donors and partisan friends."