About Laura

About Laura Cox


I am a 54-year old mom of four, “mimy” to two granddaughters, and wife to Mike, my best friend for 28 years now. And fittingly for this Veteran’s Day weekend, I am a daughter of Navy sailor, wife of a Marine infantryman, mom to another marine (a daughter, no less) who served 13 months in Fallujah, Iraq in 2004 and 2005, and my baby boy is in his first year at the Naval Academy. I cannot match their military service, but I did serve 13 years as an ICE special agent who did drug and money laundering cases. (In fact, I would not give Mike my real name when we first started dating because I was undercover). 





I spent years as a precinct delegate, treasurer for my county party, and as chair for the 11th Congressional District. Like you, I knocked doors, stuffed envelopes, and made calls for our Republican Party candidates. After helping others, I ran and became the only Republican member on the Wayne County Commission. As a Commissioner, I did battle everyday with Democrats to fight for conservative ideals. With a little grit and the support of Republican activists like you, I won and I know we can do the same across Michigan. 


I am now in my second term in the House of Representatives where I became the first woman in Michigan history to serve as House Appropriations chair. If you want to know what kind of conservative leader I am, please talk to people like Lee Chatfield, Sue Allor, Triston Cole, and Ed McBroom. I have worked with all of them in the trenches; they understand the conservative leadership I bring to the table.

Last year newly elected Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey asked me to run for the state Senate seat in Wayne County. While we knocked on tens of thousands of doors, raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, we lost narrowly on Wednesday morning against an opponent whose sole issue was that I supported President Trump. 

That loss left a bitter taste for me and has driven my motivation to ensure whomever the Democrats nominate has the same bitter taste in November of 2020 after President Trump is re-elected, Gary Peters is defeated, and our ideals of limited government and personal responsibility make America even greater. 

Laura Cox attending the 2017 Republican Women’s Federation Legislative Day at our State Capitol to advocate for conservative principles.